Stephen Mecca


Contact Information:


Sowa Hall 220


Ph.D. - Physics and Astronomy, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Brief Biography

Steve Mecca has been blessed with a phenomenal wife (Linda), three terrific children (Lisa, Stephen and Michael), six bright-loving grandchildren - all women (Hannah, Alyssa, Kendra, Camille, Sophia and Sydney), an enriching career and engaging colleagues and students at Providence College, a home on the indescribable island of Jamestown, the privilege of service especially in Rotary International and TIMES Squared and more hobbies than can fit this overflowing life.

Area(s) of Expertise:

Coastal and Estuary Dynamics, Water supply systems and dynamics, nuclear physics, charter school leadership, micro flush toilets, waste management

Selected Publications:

Mecca, S. (2011) Application of the MSB coupled embayment pollution-flushing model to Queenstown Creek . WIT Press:

Mecca, S. Oumano, M. LaMontagne, R. Johnson, D. (2009) A natural laboratory for small estuary studies: the reincarnation of Town Pond. Southhampton:

Mecca, S. Brown, W. Callahan, A. Mulligan, P. (2009) Rational water use in the US: the potential for the retrofit of simple residential technologies. Southhampton:

Mecca, S. Barber, R. Brown, W. (2008) In C. A. Brebbia (Ed.), The flushing of pollution from recreational boating in tidal embayments with application to Great Salt Pond on Block Island. (104), Southhampton:

Mecca, S. Barber, R. Mellor, G. Walsh, G. (2007) In C. A. Brebbia & K.L. Latsifarakis (Ed.), Application of the MSB pollution-flushing model to Great Salt Pond on Block Island. (104), Southhampton:

Mecca, S. Mecca, S. (2007) In C. A. Brebbia & A. G. Kungolos (Ed.), Commercial water auditing in Stella. Southhampton:

Mecca, S. Barber, R. Tombarello, J. (2006) In C.A. Brebbia (Ed.), Alternative loading functions in the MSB pollution flushing model. (88), Southhampton:

Selected Presentations:

Mecca, S. Davis, H. Davis, A. Water & Society III. Wessex Institute of Technology, LaCaruna, Spain - "Microfranchising rural sanitation: a sustainable development model for a scale-up of a sustainable technology" July, 2015

Mecca, S. Water & Society III. , LaCaruna, Spain - "Session Chair" July, 2015

Mecca, S. Pellock, B. Bretz, R. Water and Society. , New Forest, UK - "Board Member: International Scientific Advisory Committee" September, 2013

Mecca, S. Pellock, B. Bretz, R. Water and Society. , New Forest, UK - "Paper: Pathogen removal options emphasizing SOLDIS for the filtrate of a GSAP Microflush toilet" September, 2013

Mecca, S. Davis, H. Davis, A. ECOSUD 2013. WIT, Bucharest - "Application of GSAP Microflush toilets: a sustainable development approach to rural and peri-urban sanitation" June, 2013

Mecca, S. Global Health and Innovation. , New Haven, CT - "An Open-Source Model for Scaling Up the GSAP Microflush Toilet" April, 2013

Mecca, S. Fecal Sludge Management 2 Conference. , Durban, South Africa - "Session Chairman-B1 Multiple Papers" November, 2012